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22 December 2006 @ 10:26 am
Round Eleven Nominations  
Round Eleven nominations will close on Saturday December 30th. Due to the holidays, the round might be extended if not a lot of nominations are received.

The revised rules, which were posted earlier this week, have now been placed on the user info page. They go into affect this round. Please read over them before nominating.

(Since not a lot of players write the following characters, they are no seasonal categories)

Best Gunn

Best Lorne


Best 'You're Pregnant?' Thread (A real pregnancy, not one lasting for a day because it's a demon spawn)

Best Sick Thread (No injuries but illnesses)

Best First Meeting (Slash)
Best Saying 'I love you' (Slash)
Best Make Up (Slash)
Best Break Up (Slash)

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